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Kyle was introduced to CrossFit in 2008 and began following the .com workouts working out in a friend’s garage with a few bumper plates, kettlebells, and a pull up bar that would destroy your hands every time you used it. 


In early 2010, the conversation of starting a CrossFit gym got thrown around for a couple of months and with the financial help of a few families, CrossFit 806 opened its doors on December 3, 2010. 


Over the next few years, Kyle began to slowly buy out the other investors and while working as an Elementary PE teacher, he would slowly start to grow CrossFit 806 into what it is today. 


In 2018, Kyle told his wife, Cayla, that growing the gym was what he wanted to do full time and because she’s the best wife ever, she agreed to let him go for it. 


Over the years, CrossFit 806 has grown into something pretty amazing! Outside of CrossFit 806, it’s been fun to watch 806 Wellness grow too. Helping local businesses like Amarillo National Bank and BSA run their Corporate Wellness programs is a big part of CrossFit 806’s future growth. 


Kyle and Cayla have one awesome son, Jeremiah. Their little family started through adoption in 2014 when they flew to Uganda to meet Jeremiah for the first time. 


What do you love about CrossFit?

The fact that its available for anyone to do at a gym, or at home, and most people are scared to try it. The people brave enough to give it a shot find results that no other fitness program provides. 


What is your favorite thing about CrossFit 806?

CrossFit 806’s annual Clean Water event! CrossFit 806 has raised over $120,000 to help 25:35 Water build 12 water wells in Uganda, Africa. 


What classes do you coach?

A few CrossFit classes a week. 

A few ANBFIT classes a week. 

A few BSAFIT classes a week. 

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