Recent Success Stories


What is your age?

When did you start CrossFit?

J-Oct. 2012

A-June 2013

What do you like most about CrossFit?

J- I like that it requires me to push myself physically and mentally everyday. As an athlete I enjoy the competitive aspect of crossfit.

A-CrossFit has given my family a chance to workout together. I also enjoy the other athletes in the gym, the relationships that are built are priceless. 

What is your favorite/least favorite movement?
J-I enjoy  all of the gymnastics movements, I especially like handstand push-ups and muscle ups. My least favorite movement is overhead squats.
A- My favorite movement would have to be dead lifts and power cleans and my least favorite movement would be overhead squats, that’s until I conquer them.

Do you have an interesting story about how CrossFit has impacted your life?

J- Working out was always something I have done, I got bored with the daily workouts of weightlifting and cardio. My good friend Brick and I saw the games on T.V. and decided to make a change and try crossfit. I still remember my first workout…5 rds..400m run, 10 Handstand push-ups, 15 pull-ups…it made me sick and sore in places I didn’t know where possible. I actually lost about 10 pounds in the first 2 months because the workouts would make me nauseous and I couldn’t eat most of the day. I have been hooked ever since.

A- I am a cancer survivor and had gained a lot of weight with chemo and steroids treatments that were given to me.  I was a member at a regular gym and could never really find a workout partner that could help keep me motivated and accountable for going. When Jimmy started crossfit he would tell me that it was something I needed to try and he knew it was something I would like in a workout.  I was so intimidated because I knew I wasn’t in the best shape.  Finally with the support of Jimmy and Brick, my friend Keisha and I took the BIG step and joined CrossFit 806 together. Crossfit has made me a healthier, stronger, and more confident mother, wife, and athlete….I’m sure glad I found that person again.
What advice would you give for someone new or wanting to start CrossFit?
J-I would tell someone new to put your fears and doubts aside and give it a go. 
A- I would tell them to take that step, because you will find the person you once were and in the process become an even better person. CrossFit is not just a gym it is a “Family”.

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