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beggs1Meet the Beggs Family! 

Joshua Beggs
Age: 17
Started CrossFit: 10 months ago
What I like most: The camaraderie of the group aspect.
Favorite movement: Pull-ups
Least favorite movement: Not applicable
Interesting story: I have reduced my shrimpiness factor by at least 85%
Advice: Keep at it; burpees do get easier

beggs2Erica Beggs
Started Crossfit: June 1st (10 months)
What I like most: No matter what level you are working on, you are cheered on by not only the coaches but also your classmates, and EVERY accomplishment is celebrated, no matter how small.
Favorite movement:  ring rows, dead lifts, anything with the kettle bells
Least favorite: still working on that grapevine coordination!  :)
Interesting Story:  I have had cerebral palsy since birth and really didn’t think I would be able to do a lot of the things in CrossFit. My brother (who is all things CrossFit) said that the coaches could modify/scale ANYTHING and I should try it. Do little sisters EVER believe their big brothers?  Well, I am forever grateful to him for giving me a nudge!  It is absolutely true – there has never been a movement that the coaches have not been able to scale or modify for me if I needed it. love, Love,LOVE the CrossFit806 coaches!!!!!!!!!
Advice: Come a few times and experience the very unique bond and friendship that is CrossFit – and get a great workout to boot!!!  :)

beggs3Daniel Beggs
Started Crossfit 10 months ago.
What I like most:  Going every morning to CrossFit clears my head before starting the day. All of the concerns of yesterday and the obligations of today melt away for a while and I can start fresh.
My favorite movement: Box jumps, because I can do them without seriously injuring myself now!
Least favorite: Over Head squat!
Interesting Story:  For Erica’s birthday WOD last year we did BURPEES at 9200 ft.
Advice:  The real fountain of youth comes from a good WOD with great people.

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