Erin Finch

Nutrition Coach
Erin Finch


Erin has always had a passion for nutrition and fitness.After graduating from Texas, A&M University in 2011 with a Bachelor’s degree in Science, she began her career in health and wellness as a NASM certified personal fitness trainer and Crossfit Level 1 coach.¬†After working with dozens of clients, she quickly realized she wanted to better serve her clients by further pursuing her education in nutrition and a more holistic approach to health.


This led her to pursue 700+ hours of study leading to the title of Nutrition Consultant through Bauman College, as well as receiving the title of Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P) through the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Course that provided her with cutting-edge functional lab assessment training as well as access to testing and resources to help her clients get to the root of their health issues they are facing.


Specific labs she is trained in include the MRT Food sensitivity test, DUTCH complete hormone panel and the GI-MAP which looks at the gut microbiome as well as tests for a number of pathogens (bacterial, parasitic and viral) that are commonly at the root of chronic illness.


She most recently became a graduate of the HSN nutrition coaching program to begin coaching with the CrossFit 806 team. In addition to helping people reach their health and fitness goals, she is a wife to Luke Finch and a mom to Harper (5), Eli (3), and Ruby (1). These four are her biggest motivation to stay healthy. She could not be more excited to continue helping people reach their health and wellness goals!

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