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Allie is from a small town by Lubbock, Texas. She works as a Surgical
Technologist while also going to school full time for her BSN/RN at WTAMU.
She’s a wife to her best friend and fellow coach, Richard Rodriguez. She’s
also a mother to 4 daughters. She loves coffee, carbs and a great workout.
She’s been doing CrossFit since 2012 even through different life stages and
multiple relocations. She loves rock concerts and also going
backpacking/hiking. She plays recreational softball and volleyball whenever
she can. She loves learning and being busy so if she not doing any of the
above things then she’s probably reading a book, doing a puzzle or watching a
new anime. She also enjoys going to the movies or getting into a new series
whether it be books or television shows. So if you see her around please say
hi, she would love to chat!

-What do you love about CrossFit?
I love that CrossFit is for everyone. I’ve been able to CrossFit through all my
pregnancies and I’ve seen 65+ year olds move better than I can. It is truly
something that can be tailored to whatever life stage you are in.
-What is your favorite thing about CrossFit 806?
I love the different events they host. Also there’s also a lot of opportunities to
be apart of the Crossfit806 community for example Coffee, Community,
CrossFit or different in house competitions. They also host different seminars
on some Saturday’s which is amazing for those who want to dive further into
certain health aspects.
-When do you coach? 
I coach CrossFit Kids classes mainly on Thursday evenings.

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